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Legacy Cottage: Puma Cheer was very honored to be asked to be a sponsoring partner, with 6 other gyms, in the Legacy Hospice Porch Project by Billy Smith and Spirit Celebration. Our AMAZING cheer parents and kids collected enough materials, (Pillows, comforters, towels, curtains, etc….) to help fill one of 7 rooms at the Hospice in Oak Cliff. The room we sponsored will be decorated in our gym colors. We were room #1 and had the first room completed. This hospice has helped AIDS patients who have no family or friends transition with dignity through their death.  Established in 1975 they have seven rooms that have been filled, and have a waiting list and just need some TLC. Our Puma Parents went above and beyond and supplied many wish list gifts that will benefit every resident at the hospice.  At Puma Cheer, we teach more than just cheer. Our coaching staff and our cheer parents work very hard together to make sure our athletes are provided opportunities to be socially aware and have many chances to give back to our communities. Spirit Celebration and Billy Roy Smith gave us an opportunity to showcase to our kids how to have an #attitudeofgratitude.  And our Puma family got to reinforce to our Pride the values that we ALL hold dear in our gym are demonstrated by our actions and not just words.  This is one example why Puma Cheer is a very special place.  Until you walk through our doors, you can’t really grasp how for some, it takes a village. For us, it takes a Pride: a Puma Pride!  #pumapridelivesinside  If you want to donate please go to GoFundMe Legacy Porch Project.



Spirit Celebration is donating dollar for dollar towards this project as well all program sales from this years spring events towards the purchase of an industrial washer, industrial dryer, porch renovation, drive way, new couch, lamps, and more!!


The other 6 gyms that are responsible for room make overs are Express Cheer, Excite, Liberty, Rebel, Texas Cheer, and United Elite. Each of these gyms has a deadline to have their donations ready for pick up by the end of March. Our team at Spirit Celebration will be picking up the donations from each location to deliver them to Legacy by Wednesday the 29th.


Thank you so much for joining with us to promote this amazing project in Oak Cliff!! I am looking forward to talking with you more, and I can’t wait to meet everyone!