About Us


SC banner logoSpirit Celebration has been in existance since 1998. CGA National Championship is under the Sc umbrella that started in 2001 specifically for small gyms (under 125 members). 

Spirit Celebration is not a huge company but we are the BEST in customer service and creating a FUN atmosphere for participants, coaches and fans! We are a family/friend business from the ticket sellers, ticket takers and workers in each location of the event being relatives or close friends.  
The part of us that is NOT family are the PROFESSIONAL JUDGES! We hire ONLY the BEST in the industry. Only individuals who have judged NCA All Star Nationals or the USASF World Championships are eligible for our panels.


Sc/CGA events encourage spectator participation by offering the opportunity for fans to win “BEST FANS IN THE STANDS!” The prize is a pizza party to the winning parents for their gym! All types of noise makers are allowed! Body paint, signs and creativity are encouraged to convince the judges you should win!

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