Louisana State Championships


OCTOBER 27, 2018

We are so excited to start another season of Spirit Celebration events, and that you are a part of our STATE FAIR OF LOUISIANA competition for the 2018/2019 season. Below we have listed instructions that we hope will help to make this a fun and “less stressful” day.


State Fair of Louisiana/Coliseum (Fair Grounds) 3701 Hudson Ave. Shreveport, LA 71109


 Entry fee into the Louisiana State Fair gets you into the competition




  • USASF ROSTERS for All Star Cheer/Prep, Show teams in a USASF division, Special Needs & All Dance. An updated roster for each team competing will need to be submitted for EACH competition attended.
  • **SC ROSTERS** (Game Rec,  Game Rec Show Teams & Game Rec Special Needs) are located on our website under the RESOURCE TAB. *Please note: Sc does not offer school divisions at this event.

Please bring to registration the day of the event.

  • Balance paid in full prior to the late fee date. If balance is not paid by the late fee date, then a late fee will be administered onto your invoice.

Please bring cash, money order or cashier’s check (Checks will NOT be accepted 10 days prior to the event date) to the event if you currently still have a balance, this must be approved by Wendy Hughes. If you have a balance 10days prior to the event you will not be scheduled.

  • Each team is allowed up to two free coaches. 
  • All coaches needing to get into warm up (All divisions with the exception of Game Rec and School) MUST submit their USASF/NCIS background check to be put in your gym’s file.


Attention Coaches: Your USASF event rosters(All divisions with the exception of Game Rec and School) must be submitted at CHECK IN! EVERY COACH GOING TO WARM UP. Game Rec and School coaches Must turn in a medical release form, located under the resorce tab.

Per USASF, anyone that will be entering the warm-up room with teams (owners, coaches, team moms, etc.) will be required to have NCSI background check with a “green light” through USASF. Those that receive a “red light” or do not complete a background check will not be allowed into warm-up. Exception-Game Rec and School teams.

Floor Type: Competition Floors are 42’x 54’ carpeted spring floors

Warm up Floor: Please report and check in with warm ups 30 minutes prior to your scheduled warm up time. PLEASE help us in keeping the competition running smoothly and on TIME. Teams will receive 8 minutes on stunt mat, tumble strip and 42’x 54’ non-spring warm up floor. Music box is provided.

Music:  Bring 2 quality recorded CD’s or an MP3 player. You may also bring an iPad or iPod with your music, please note that not all events may have iPad or iPod capabilities. Music systems are different; therefore, coaches are strongly advised to create routines that finish at least 5 seconds before the maximum time limit in order to avoid time limit penalties. If a mistake is made due to Spirit Celebration’s personnel or sound system failure, the team will be allowed to perform again from the point in the routine where the mistake was made. All teams must show a copy of 

At check-in, your program will need to submit a signed ‘Policies and Procedures’ document. 

In addition to the signed document, you will also need to show proof of music licensing (printed copy) for each of your routines. This proof may include:

  1. Proof of purchase from a preferred provider
  2. If using a single song, receipt from purchase of single song
  3. If you are using an editor, your editor does not have to be a preferred provider; BUT they must be able to provide you with proof of purchase from a preferred provider and proof of licensing for all sound effects and voiceovers included in the mix
  4. If using a non-commercial music provider, documentation that assigns all applicable rights to the team.

If your team does not have the required paperwork, you will be given the option to count the routine verbally or perform to an approved track of music or a track with counts (provided by Varsity Spirit). 

Unfortunately, If your team does not have the required paperwork, and chooses not to count the routine verbally or perform to the approved track of music or a track with counts, your team will be disqualified from the competition and not be allowed to perform.

For additional information on the Music Guidelines, you may visit Varsity.com/Music

Photos/Video: Audio-Visual Recording. No cameras larger than a 35mm will be allowed (rule of thumb – if lens is larger than your credit card it will not be allowed in the event). No portion of the event may be recorded in any form, including audio.  All images taken during the event must be for personal use only, and any commercial use, distribution or sale is strictly prohibited. The use of professional equipment is strictly prohibited, including cameras with detachable lenses or lenses greater than 35MM, tripods and monopods. Spirit Celebration reserves the right to confiscate any video or photo equipment used in violation of this policy. There are no ticket refunds for violating policy. Any person(s) using or attempting to use any such equipment may be subject to immediate ejection from the venue and may be refused entry to other events sponsored by or affiliated with Spirit Celebration.


*Best Fans in the Stands *Event Participation Gift *WOW Awards *

*Medals for 1st- 3rd *Show teams receive Individual medals *

*Banners to Level Grand Champion & High point winner *

*Special Needs receive Free registration & Individual medals *

More information can be found on the STATE FAIR OF LOUISIANA page on our website – www.spiritcelebration.com